203-2385 Pembina Hwy. Winnipeg, MB - R3T 2H4
What We Offer

Our Services

Patients at Happy Family Medical recieve comprehensive, personalised care from Dr. Intwala and her team, care we provide that is not limitted to a focus question or concern patients might bring to us but we focus on complete physical, mental and social well being as a whole person for a happy and healthy life. We always strive to make sure that patients feel that their concerns are heard, proper time was provided and committment provided for ongoing follow up care.

Family practice

We take pride in serving many generations of your family and are obliged for allowing us to be an important part of your family by entrusting your care in our hands.

Walk- in clinic

Our clinic is located in heart of Pembina hwy, easily accessible from perimeter hwy to Winnipegers and people living in the vicinity of Winnipeg for Walk-in services. 

Pregnancy and prenatal care

Pre-pregnancy counseling, Infertility initial assessment, workup and appropriate referral services, Prenatal work up, prenatal care, and counseling.

Labor and Delivery

Glow on her face is divine! A very satisfying day when my staff trusted me with her and her baby's care!

Happiness of being parents after persistent treatment guidance, support, and an absolute delight for me to deliver these two cuties!


Early and continuous postpartum care and support. One-stop service for mother and newborn baby.

Women’s health

Various women’s health issues including irregular periods and pain, Concerning vaginal discharge, sexual transmitted diseases, post-menopausal bleeding and endometrial biopsy, Painful intercourse.

Newborn and Pediatric

Newborn assessment, newborn feeding counseling as immunization.

Chronic disease management

Management for Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity.

Contraception - birth control

Contraception counseling and prescription 
-IUD insertion-copper IUD and Hormonal IUD

Preventative Health

Pap test, referral and counseling for mammogram , FOBT, colonoscopy, prostate check and Bone health, etc


We do all sorts of immunization for infants, children, adults, travel, for work in medical/paramedical field, travel and COVID 19 vaccinations (as Provided by MB health)

Minor surgery

Superficial abscess, mole removal, or laceration repair.

Botox and Fillers

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