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Prescription Renewal Policy
We discourage the refill of prescriptions by phone or fax. During your regular office visit you will be given a prescription for enough medication (often with repeats) to last you until your next visit. Please book another appointment before your medications run out. You may want to check with your pharmacist if there are still repeats on your medication. Please bring all your medications or an up-dated list (available from your pharmacist) with you to the appointment.
If you must renew your prescriptions before your office visit, call your pharmacist and request that he fax our office with the prescription renewal request. Do not call or email our office with prescription renewal requests—admin time is needlessly wasted and the pharmacy must be contacted in any event. Allow 5 business days for the prescription request to be processed. Narcotics and other controlled substances require a new signed prescription each time a renewal is done.Ideally these should be written during an office visit with your family physician. Please plan ahead. It is possible that your physician may be away if left until the last minute. At least 1- 2 weeks lead time is required. Requests for narcotic prescriptions or controlled substances and their refills REQUIRES an office visit. These will not renewed by phone or fax.